amazon vendor central vs. amazon seller central

Amazon Vendor Central vs. Amazon Seller Central

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Etail’s CEO Michael Anderson that was published by Sales on Amazon this holiday season are expected to reach $38.8 billion according to digital agency NetElixir. Their projection includes sales from Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central. While these two programs may seem similar, they…

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A Survival Guide For Third-Party Amazon Sellers

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Etail’s CEO Michael Anderson that was published by Ecommerce Platforms. Business as usual is coming to an end for many third-party Amazon sellers. Competition on Amazon U.S. is reaching new heights and it’s only going to get worse from here. Chinese sellers are flooding the marketplace thanks…

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Distributed Order Management (DOM): What It Is, Why It’s Necessary, How to Get Started

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Etail’s CEO Michael Anderson that was published by Multichannel Merchant. Omnichannel commerce is now a basic competitive requirement. It allows merchants to better understand their customers and deliver a seamless and personalized experience. But enabling customers to buy from anywhere, pick up from anywhere and return to …

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Direct to Consumer: Should Your Brand Make the Move?

Etail’s CEO and co-founder, Michael Anderson, was recently interviewed by eSellerCafe as part of their ongoing Ecommerce Influencer Series. A wide range of topics were discussed including whether or not all brands and manufacturers should start selling direct to consumer.  The biggest changes in ecommerce over the past three years What sellers can do to…

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Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry: Improvements and Shortcomings

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Etail’s CEO Michael Anderson that was published by  Whether you’re a top name brand, or a small business owner, the Amazon marketplace can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, Amazon has made it even easier for merchants to reach hundreds of…

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Amazon dropshipping

Amazon Dropshipping: How to Make It Work in 2018

Amazon dropshipping is a popular business model, yet still misunderstood by some. Here’s why it isn’t as easy and profitable as it’s made out to be and what it takes to succeed long-term. Inventory can be purchased before it has sold and stocked for future orders or after it has sold and dropshipped for current…

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Is Your Algorithmic Repricer Doing More Harm Than Good?

Competition on Amazon is fierce. Lowering and raising prices is essential. Some sellers use algorithmic repricers. But what if this type of repricing tool is doing more harm than good? What if your algorithmic repricer is causing you to lose the Bux Box or sell for less profit or a loss? Would you keep using…

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ebay open in las vegas

Power Tools for Power Sellers: Visit Etail at eBay Open

Ebay Open is the premier event for eBay sellers and Etail is proud to be an Elite Sponsor for the sold-out event. If you’re planning to attend, look for us at Booth 311 – or if you are an elite top seller attending the Top Seller Summit, stop by our table. Learn more about our…

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brands selling on Amazon 1P

The Big Problem Brands Selling on Amazon 1P Don’t Know They Have

Amazon 1P and FBA is the gateway to the online world for many brands and third-party sellers. But there is a big problem that brands selling on Amazon 1P or FBA don’t know they have: relying exclusively on one of these fulfillment methods can severely limit exposure to their brand’s products. Amazon 1P won’t carry…

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eCategory Management: Growing and Protecting Your Brand Online

Protecting the brand. Controlling pricing. Dealing with rogue, unauthorized sellers. All are almost daily challenges for brands and manufacturers into today’s turbocharged ecommerce channels. eCategory management can help. Etail Solutions recently released a new special report: eCategory Management: Reclaiming and Protecting Your Brand in the Ecommerce Age. The new report takes an in-depth look at…

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