Red Dawn: The Chinese Assault on the U.S. Amazon Marketplace

Chinese assault on the US Amazon marketplace

It’s not unlike an invasion. Over 1-million new sellers joined Amazon marketplaces around the world last year, according to Marketplace Pulse. That’s around two every minute! It’s estimated that one-third of these sellers are located in China – and they’re infiltrating the lucrative, free-spending U.S. market with steadily increasing success.   Is Amazon Giving Chinese…

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The War on Third-Party Sellers: How to Survive and Prosper

The war on third-party Amazon sellers

The writing is on the wall: the third-party seller model is in serious trouble. If that’s you, you don’t need to be told that your business is under attack, you’re living it. Your livelihood is currently being threatened by an ever-growing number of resellers, private labelers, manufacturers and brands. Often there’s no limit on the…

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3 Ways NOT to Scale Your Multi-Channel Ecommerce Business

The 3 ways not to scale your ecommerce business

When most merchants hit their growth ceiling they know they need to do something to break through it – even though they aren’t always exactly sure what that something is. So they set out to discover exactly what is necessary to overcome their growth barriers. Some eventually find a solution – but not before wasting…

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Invasion of the Category Snatchers: Past Success on Amazon Doesn’t Guarantee Future Success

Invasion of the category snatchers

Warren Buffet said that in ten years, the retail industry will be unrecognizable. The billionaire investor confirmed what we already knew when he sold off the last $900 million of his retail stock and said, “The department store is online now.” That’s old news. The real news is what’s happening inside the online marketplaces.

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Ecommerce Product Catalog Management: Are You Overlooking These Value Creation Opportunities?

ecommerce product catalog management

Growing your ecommerce business can seem like a complex process. There are endless numbers of strategies available at your fingertips. But according to business growth advisor and best-selling author, Jay Abraham, there are really only 3 ways to grow any business – online or off: Get more customers Get customers to buy more Get customers…

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Creating a Single Source of Truth For Your Sales, Inventory and Order Data

creating a single source of truth

In ten years the ecommerce industry will look nothing like it does now. Improved efficiency will soon become a basic competitive requirement. Many merchants know their businesses need to evolve. Your business needs to evolve too. Eliminating waste isn’t enough. Sustained competitive advantage only comes from bridging the gap between supply and demand with integration.…

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The Ecommerce Challenge Peter Drucker Considers One of the ‘Great Divides’ in Management and How to Overcome It

Grand Canyon National Park

Many merchants’ front-end software for sales have no way of connecting with their back-end supply and operational systems. Since they don’t communicate, information isn’t being shared across the business. As a result, they can’t get the information they need into the places it has to be, when it has to be. Without this back-end to…

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How ‘Catalog Overlap’ Creates Margin Points AFTER the Sale

catalog overlap

Did you know you can increase your margins post-sale? Well, why not? You use a repricer to win the Buy Box, while selling to customers at the highest possible price. You don’t think twice about driving up your average order value (AOV) and growing your topline. These activities are second nature to you. But the concept…

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Ecommerce Efficiency: Why You’re Working Harder Than Ever But Growing Less

Ecommerce Operations Efficiency

One of the biggest problems holding your business back is time – or rather, a lack of time. Inefficient software only makes things worse, not better. Entire days are wasted on manual processes resulting from errors and functionality gaps. When your day-to-day operations and business processes involve hours of data gathering and data entering and…

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The Real Cost of Carrying Too Much – or Not Enough – Inventory

The hidden costs of carrying too much - or not enough - inventory

Another problem many merchants encounter on a daily basis is poor visibility. They don’t have a dependable real-time view of their – or their suppliers’ – inventory, therefore they can’t manage it effectively. Having this visibility is critical to preventing stockouts and overstocks, and to increasing selection. The Headache of Stockouts & Overstocks You’ve probably already…

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