Multi Channel Inventory Management

Relieve Your Inventory Management Headaches

Still manually syncing inventory as you buy and sell? Only Etail lets you maintain accurate and up-to-the-minute inventory counts across all your suppliers, storefronts, and channels - without any manual steps. Order less inventory, more frequently and more reliably. With Etail's multi channel inventory management you never have to worry about losing sales to stockouts or tying up capital in dead inventory.


Adjust Inventory

Our multi channel inventory management connects supplier
inventory availability with your
published listings - and adjusts
them automatically.


Turn Inventory

Turn over inventory faster
and avoid overstocks and
markdowns - the killers of gross
margin return on investment.


Boost Profits with Powerful Analytics

Prevent surpluses and shortages with master SKU aggregation and advanced sales history analysis.

Worry-Free Multi Channel Inventory Management

Multi-Supplier Integrations

Simplify the multi channel inventory management process by fully automating data exchanges with suppliers.

SKU Consolidation
Advanced SKU Management
Supplier-Driven Availability Updates
Sales Channel Visibility
Multi-Location Inventory Management


Real-Time Inventory Publishing

Automatically update for-sale inventory across all channels as you buy and sell.

Dynamic Inventory Allocation
Automated FBA Replenishment

Leverage Advanced Analytics

Demand Forecasting

Identify high-velocity SKUs by channel and make informed purchasing and inventory allocation decisions.

View purchasing recommendations based on sales history, seasonality and custom demand profiles.

ROI Improvement Analytics
Advanced Business Intelligence

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