Inventory Replenishment

Stay Ahead of Demand

Tired of not knowing what, when, and how much to reorder? Only Etail connects your sales channels and suppliers so you always have the right amount of inventory, in the right places, at the right time. With Etail you can manage the delicate balance between supply and demand across multiple channels and suppliers.



Leverage our inventory replenishment capibilities to free up time and avoid errors by automating the reordering process


Make Better

Get purchasing recommendations and accurately predict future demand


Inventory Visibility

Know where and how much
inventory you have on hand,
in the channel and in transit. Inventory replenishment that puts you back in control.

Automate Inventory

Multi-Supplier Integration

Streamline the inventory replenishment process by automating data exchanges with suppliers.

Automate Purchase Order Workflow
FBA Inbound Shipment Preparation

Gain End-to-End Visibility to Inventory

Multi-Location Inventory Management

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and locations including FBA and 3PLs

Sales Channel Visibility
Supply Chain Visibility

Inventory Replenishment that Improves Decision Making


Demand Forecasting

Accurately predict future demand by aggregating SKUs
across channels and configurations and analyzing sales history.


Purchase Planning

View purchasing recommendations within our inventory replenishment suite that is based on sales history,
seasonality, and custom demand profiles.

What Our Customers Say

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