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Who We Are

Etail Solutions and our team of ecommerce experts are tools built for for established merchants who sell on multiple channels, buy from multiple suppliers, and use multiple shipping methods.


What We Do

As ecommerce experts, we allow companies and brands to replace their disconnected systems with a single integrated platform. Because your sales channels, orders, inventory, listings, and suppliers can be managed in one place, you can focus on growing your business instead of managing data and infrastructure.


How We Are Different

Etail doesn’t stop at the software. Gain access to ecommerce experts who have been there and done that. Receive strategic advice and a blueprint for growth. We work with only a handful of clients so you get the one-on-one attention you need.

Consult the Ecommerce Experts

Etail Solutions is passionate about seeing you – our partner in online commerce – build a thriving business you can be proud of. We want to share your vision, enable it, and even expand it. We’ll be there right beside you as long as you need us.

"When you partner with Etail, you're partnering with ecommerce experts who have real-world experience. They’ve actually done it. As a CEO, I know I can always call Etail with a business question and get good advice based on real-world experience and not just on what they think might work."

-Home Improvement Retailer




Michael Anderson

Michael’s vision and leadership drive Etail Solutions and the Etail Vantage Platform (EVP) forward each day. As a software industry entrepreneur, Michael recognized that lack of money and lack of time were often the two biggest obstacles to entrepreneurs growing and scaling their business. He realized the need for a solution that allowed merchants to leverage automation to shift their day-to-day focus from operations to growth initiatives. As a result, Etail Solutions was born.


Clyde Seigle

Clyde is the technology visionary and driving force behind the ground-breaking architecture of the Etail Vantage Platform (EVP). Clyde’s expertise led to EVP, a first-of-its-kind platform that enables operational data from both the sales and supply-side of the organization to be managed in a single, central system.  The result was the first ecommerce management platform - coupled with access to a team of ecommerce experts - specifically designed to streamline and automate the full lifecycle of the sales and purchase order.

VP of Product

Nigel Davies

Nigel's focus is on evolving Etail Vantage Platform (EVP) forward to maintain its status as industry leader. His team spends of ecommerce experts spend their time optimizing EVP as well as determining how Etail's technology stack can tackle new horizons

Prior to Etail, Nigel’s experience included being vice president of solution delivery for Vortex, a leading supplier of ecommerce software and services, and senior vice president of supply chain solutions for CDC Software. He has more than three decades of consulting, project and operations management experience and has received a lifetime achievement award from the Open Application Group.

VP of Client delivery

Dale Kerber

Dale’s team of ecommerce experts are responsible for getting Etail’s clients up and running smoothly and ensuring they get the most out of their partnership with Etail. He also collaborates with the Product Management and Development organizations to make sure that client needs are represented in the road map and product development cycles.

Dale is experienced at working with and supporting brands and their ecommerce needs. For the past 12 years, he has helped his clients and teams perform integrations to 3PLs and ERPs as well as implement ecommerce technologies for major brands like Microsoft, Nvidia, Samsung, EA Sports and more.

VP of Sales

Zac Mangel

Zac’s oversees a team of ecommerce experts responsible for delivering unique and valuable insights to Etail’s prospects throughout the sales process. Since no two businesses are the same, he and his team take a hands-on and highly personalized approach when it comes to identifying business needs, determining solutions, and measuring ROI so prospects can make an informed purchasing decision.

Zac has worked with several major brands to deliver full service ecommerce platforms combined with customer service and full 3PL services. He also has significant industry experience with EDI and supply chain logistics.


Etail Solutions is always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team of ecommerce experts. We have a fun, fast-paced environment and offer great benefits. Take a look at our career opportunities and apply today.