Have Total Visibility Into Your Business

Do you know how your SKUs, sales channels, suppliers, and the organization as a whole have been - and will be - performing financially? With Etail, you can rely less on intuition and more on accurate data. Gain a competitive advantage by collecting and leveraging real-time sales and supplier data. Ensure data integrity and drive operational efficiency and profitability with end-to-end integration.


Get Order and
Profitability Data
in Real Time

Review order, sales, cost and profit data by channel, item, SKU, fulfillment method or supplier with our ecommerce business intelligence at your finger tips.


Know Where All 
Your Inventory Is

Track inventory in the channel, in the warehouse, in transit and at the supplier.


Accurately Predict
Future Demand

Etail's ecommerce business intelligence will help prevent surpluses and shortages with SKU aggregation and sales history analysis.

Inventory Management

Sales Channel Visibility

See inventory sold and remaining at SKU level at any channel

Supply Chain Visibility
Multi-Location Inventory Management
Multi-Channel Sales History Analysis

Order Management

Review order, sales, cost and profit data by channel, item, SKU, fulfillment method or supplier. Our ecommerce business intelligence allows you to use pre-built dashboards – or build your own with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Forecasting and Planning
Ecommerce Business Intelligence for the Ecommerce Age


Demand Forecasting

Accurately predict future demand by aggregating SKUs
across channels and analyzing sales history.


Purchase Planning

View purchasing recommendations based on sales history,
seasonality and custom demand profiles.

Experience and Expertise

Take a strategic approach to building your business based on our decades of combined experience working with leading internet retailers. Leverage our customized and flexible services to get the most out of your ecommerce business intelligence and solve specific business issues.

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