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Ecommerce Brand Management

Manufacturers and brands are waking up to an ugly truth: They may no longer be in control of their brands. Ecommerce is the fastest growing and dominant channel in retail. But Amazon is calling the shots and ignoring MAP. Unauthorized third-party sellers undercut pricing and damage brand equity.

And brands are giving away a large part of their margin in the process. Now, after years of ignoring – or at least under managing – their online channels, brand marketers and manufacturers now are viewing ecommerce brand management as a growth engine for taking back control.


Complete Inventory Visibility

Know your inventory available on-hand, in the channel, at suppliers and in transit. Suddenly sold out? Automatically adjust available inventory across all channels with our ecommerce brand management suite.


Total eChannel Management

Use one platform to sell online direct to consumers, manage Amazon and other marketplaces, leverage authorized resellers or execute a multichannel mix of strategies.


Powerful Pricing Tools 

Price based on actual total costs. Protect MAP and spot violations. Price and reprice based on channel-specific strategy - not mindless algorithms. 

Complete Inventory Visibility

Multi-channel online inventory management will make or break your ecommerce brand. Successful online inventory management means you can accurately fill orders and keep customers happy.

Poor ecommerce inventory management results in missed shipments, unhappy customers and marketplace penalties


See on-hand and in transit inventory at any location – including multiple warehouses, FBA and 3PLs.

Streamline inventory management with a single master SKU.

Ensure inventory accuracy across all channels no matter how products are packaged, kitted or bundled.


Protect Pricing and margins

If you are not in control of your pricing, you’re not in control of your brand. Price is a major component of your brand image and good ecommerce brand management. 

Protect your pricing strategy from 3rd party sellers and MAP violators. Automatically meet price parity requirements across all marketplaces as you price and reprice.

Integrated Repricing

Our exclusive cost-based pricing module takes all your costs into account – including fulfillment costs – while repricing.

Win the Buy Box while protecting margins.

Price By Strategy
Fulfillment Method Awareness
Price Parity Control

Enhance brand strength

Protect your brand identity, experience and image on your online channels. Control listing content from a single point of truth.

Ensure your brand standards are met for content, photo quality and logo usage. Automatically update information across all channels when price, availability or content changes or new products are added.

Automated Content Management

Control brand listing content across all channels from a single point of truth.

Publish and update multiple product counts, kits and bundles while maintaining inventory accuracy.

Service Level Optimization
Restriction Management
Unauthorized Seller Identification

Grow Margins

Price competition online is intense. Often the real profits are made below the line through superior operations and lower cost of fulfillment.

Etail provides the tools you next to maximize margins while automating to reduce overhead.

Intelligent Order Routing

Automatically route orders to fulfillment centers based on lowest total delivered cost for each line item.

Dynamic Repricing
Absolute Data Integrity

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