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Direct-to-Consumer: Helping Brands Connect Digital Demand to Supply

Today’s online shopper expects to find their favorite brands everywhere they shop. But selling everywhere has its own challenges for online merchants and brands. And the bar keeps getting set higher as shoppers and marketplaces demand more choice, faster shipping, and lower prices.

Etail CEO Michael Anderson joins e-commerce optimization expert Joris Bryon on his “Ecommerce Excellence” podcast to discuss operational challenges of multichannel selling and often overlooked opportunities to increase revenue and profitability.

Listen as Joris and Michael discuss:

  • The shift from ecommerce to digital commerce and what it means for brands and sellers
  • The power of “distributed order management” and keeping inventory close to potential buyers
  • The five common touchpoints all channels have in common and how managing those is critical to efficiently listing products on all your channels – and adding new channels too
  • The most critical element in maintaining brand integrity
  • The biggest obstacle to scaling a multichannel approach – and how to overcome it

Listen now…

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