When we first talk to people about the Etail ecommerce suite, we often hear “Oh, you’re like Channel Advisor”.
No, we’re not.

Channel Advisor is a powerful tool for managing customer facing channels and listings. We do that too as part of our suite of tools to give you command and control entire ecommerce operations from customer click to fulfillment and your entire supply chain.

Channel Advisor recently bolted-on the acquisition of HubLogix to try and match the capabilities of the Etail operations platform. We’re ecommerce operations experts. We’ve been doing this for almost a decade and power many Top 10 and Top 100 sellers processing millions of transactions an hour.

Channel Advisor is a large, international public company (although they’ve never been profitable) and has about 2,900 customers – which is down from the previous year even with the acquisition.* We’re a growing, independent company without the pressure to produce quarterly results. We work with a relative handful of clients that consider us their partner – and the “secret sauce” in their success.


Channel Advisor is very good at what they do. Etail is better at what we do. And we do more. We’re not the same thing.

If you need only marketplace management tools, Channel Advisor is a solid choice. If you want visibility, command and control over your entire ecommerce channel, give us a call.

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*Source: ChannelAdvisor, Form 10K Annual Report, Filed Feb 13, 2018.