Inventory Management

Inventory Automation for Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Growth


Match Supply to Demand

Only Etail offers buyer-tosupplier integration of sales and supply chain data. Using your suppliers’ price and availability feeds, Etail automatically adjusts inventory levels across channels with no manual intervention as you buy and sell.


Simplify Management

Simplify inventory and listing management with our unique single master item SKU architecture. Create a single master SKU then manage the content, quantities, price,image, weight and descriptions for multiple listings across all channels with ease.


Improving Forecasting 

Accurately forecast future demand by automatically aggregating inventory requirements and forecasting sales for all listings across all channels. Prevent overselling, out-of-stocks, negative feedback and account suspension.

Inventory Management

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With growth comes challenges. Managing inventory is one of them. Inventory management is one of the most common reasons fast-growing sellers decide to replatform.

The challenge of managing inventory across multiple suppliers, channels and listings is often too great for their current disparate systems. And the consequences of not mastering inventory management are high – including tying up capital in overstocks, losing sales in out-of-stocks, and even account suspension.

The owner of Eudoxus, a multi-channel seller of beauty supplies, knows this first hand.

“We had this awful software,” he said. “I was constantly dealing with horrible inventory sync problems, channel confusion and overselling. It was a tangled mess and I was reaching the breaking point. I dealt with it as long as I could. I bootstrapped this business, so cash was tight, but there were a lot of growing pain I could have avoided if I had gone with Etail earlier.

Etail’s answer to inventory management growing pains is inventory automation, supplier integration and unmatched levels of data integrity.
Inventory is broken down into its lowest common denominator — the smallest unit of measure needed for either a sales or purchasing transaction. Called a “single item master”, this can be accurately tracked, managed and forecast across multiple listings and channels.

Listings are driven by individual master SKUs, making meeting channels’ content requirements, competitive pricing and updates easy.

Supplier data is integrated into real-time sales data. You set the rules. Then inventory replenishing requirements – even availability and pricing on individual listings – are automatically adjusted based on supplier inventory availability, product cost, shipping time, geographic location, and supplier performance.

It’s all automated and executed in real-time with your most current data.

“I’m a big believer in systems and processes,” said Jerry Kavesh, owner of Western Outlets, an Amazon FBA merchant. “I’m all about efficiency. It soon became very apparent that as my business grew, just using spreadsheets and Amazon reports wasn’t going to work.

“I was looking for something that would scale with us and would be the best all around solution, not a couple of solutions that I would have to piece together,” Jerry continued. “I liked Etail’s design philosophy of a solid core data set that drove data throughout the system. I was very concerned with data integrity. Other systems needed you to enter the same data in multiple places and that always leads to mistakes.”

Complex? Not really. Etail users often say the hardest part about implementing the platform is stepping back and letting inventory automation do its work.

“I admit it, I am a micromanager,” said Chris Unangst, owner of Olivabel, a multi-channel electronics drop shipper. “When I had 15 to 20 orders a day I could go in and check their progress manually. But as I grew and I started doing 500 orders a day, it got beyond my ability to manage. I had to sit back, be hands off and trust Etail to get it right. That wasn’t easy for me. But it worked beautifully. It worked beyond my expectations, like a well-oiled machine. I trust Etail Solutions and couldn’t be happier.”

In Their Own Words

Clients speak about the value delivered by Etail Inventory Automation


“I don’t see or touch 95 percent of my orders. That’s why I can do 500 to 600 orders per day
(with only two people). But I couldn’t have done it without Etail Solutions.” 

Omni Channel Electronics Retailer


“Etail allowed me to scale, pure and simple. More importantly, it’s allowed me to scale efficiently and profitably. Efficiency equals profitability in this highly competitive, low-margin FBA business.”

Multi Channel Apparel Retailer


“Etail is not an investment, it is a return on investment. If you really want to grow, there is no one else who can do it at this level. Financially this is very scalable. It may seem more costly in the beginning as you customize, but in the long run it’s not.”

Omni Channel Safety & Industrial Products Retailer

It’s Not Software. It’s a System.

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