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Online Inventory Management – Managing Multiple Listings Per Item

To find out which, how many, and where items in different units of measure are selling, most sellers have to manually merge data from duplicate SKUs. This blog post explains how to remove this bottleneck so it no longer interferes with your ability to grow your business. While other sellers are feeling the stress of using outdated and ineffective methods to manage inventory,…

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The 5 Features Your Amazon Repricer Must Have for Profitable Growth

1. Seamless Integration Your repricer should integrate with both the sales and supply side of your business. Real-time visibility into your variable and fixed costs is necessary to achieving and protecting your desired markup percentage. If your floor and ceiling values aren’t dynamically driven by real-time cost changes (product, fulfillment, sales, overhead, etc.) you’re putting…

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The 5 Most Common Amazon Repricing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. Not Repricing When Costs Change Whenever any of your costs change – product, fulfillment, sales, or overhead – a repricing event must happen immediately so your margins and Buy Box ownership are protected. If you use FBA or ship from stock and buy a new batch of inventory at a different price from those…

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The Best Tool for Finding Products to Sell on Amazon

The Etail Vantage Platform (EVP) is a multi-channel management platform with 7 core components, created to solve the real-world problems of mid-to-high volume online merchants. These core components consist of a wide range of features and functionalities that greatly enhance online multi-channel businesses, however, merchants rarely know about them until they start using EVP. They…

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