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Manage your Amazon inventory, orders, listings and pricing all from one integrated platform. Etail's Amazon inventory management software provides end-to-end complete sales channel to supplier integration that allows you to automate order processing, automatically update listings for price and inventory changes, and maintain accurate inventory levels across Amazon and all your channels.

Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace in the world. Master it with the Etail platform.   Etail’s Amazon inventory management solution streamlines inventory control, order management and fulfillment – including FBA, FBA, Seller Fulfilled Prime and Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment services.

Plus Etail provides exclusive Amazon ecommerce tools such dynamic, cost-based repricing; automatic FBA replenishment; and dynamic inventory allocation. All made possible by Etail’s unique, fully integrated platform.


Powerful Amazon Inventory management tools

Manage your Amazon orders, inventory, fulfillment and shipping with Etail’s integrated sales and supply chain management platform. 

Amazon Inventory Control

Multi-Supplier Integration

Streamline the inventory management process by automating data exchanges with your suppliers.

Supplier Driven Availability Updates

Automatically retrieve supplier price and availability feeds and update availability and pricing on Amazon and across all other channels.

Real-Time Inventory Publishing

Automatically update published inventory on Amazon and across all channels as you buy and sell.

Multi-Location Inventory Management

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and other locations such as FBA or 3PLs.

Expand Product Offerings

Create kits and bundles from existing SKUs. Track and reorder with complete accuracy.

FBA Replenishment

SUPERIOR Amazon order management tools

Use Etail to automate the entire sales order and fulfillment process.

Amazon order management

Centralized Management

Manage orders from Amazon and all your sales channels in one centralized system. Automatically aggregate orders from Amazon and all channels to meet minimum order or discount tiers.

Absolute Data Integrity

No data entry. Order information and management processes are integrated with purchasing, fulfillment, inventory, shipping and tracking systems.

Optimized Workflows

Leverage intelligent order workflows to streamline processing, purchasing and fulfillment.


Customer success story

Western outlets

From selling 5-6 SKUs on Amazon to over 14,000 on three additional channels, how one western wear retailer increased sales 450% in under two years with Amazon inventory management.

In 2012, Jerry Kavesh was running a successful western-wear retail business and coming off his best year ever. That’s when he decided to close the business.

Because while almost half the sales were coming in online, the brick-and-mortar stores were projected to lose money and he wanted the 62-year-old family business to end on a positive note.

He got out of retailing. Joined a start-up. Didn’t give his past life of selling cowboy boots, Stetson hats, western shirts much thought.

Then, one night, while browsing Amazon, he noticed that several of the best-selling SKUs from his former retail business weren’t even listed on Amazon.

“I contacted my former supplier and got permission to test five or six SKUs during the 2013 holiday season,” Jerry recalls. “They sold so well I just knew I had to grow it.” He called his new business Western Outlets and Jerry was back in the saddle again. Western Outlets now carries more than 14,000 SKUs sold through Amazon, eBay, Shopify and soon Wal-Mart. Fulfillment is mostly through Amazon FBA, but he’s in the process of working with Etail to integrate with a 3PL to handle his expanding eBay, Shopify and Wal-Mart businesses.

As an experienced retailer, Jerry knew the value of retail and inventory automation systems, but the system he was using couldn’t handle the challenges of online, multi-channel fulfillment.

“I’m a big believer in systems and processes,” Jerry said. “I’m all about efficiency. It soon became very apparent that as my business grew, just using spreadsheets and Amazon reports was not going to work.”

Serious about getting the best system to scale with his growth plans, he hired a retail systems consultant to help him choose the best ecommerce management system for his needs.

They chose Etail Solutions.

“I was looking for something that would scale with us and would be the best all-around solution, not a couple of solutions that I would have to piece together,” Jerry said. “I liked Etail’s design philosophy of a solid core data set that drove data throughout the system. I was very concerned with data integrity. Other systems needed you to enter the same data in multiple places and that always leads to mistakes.”

Since implementing the Etail platform in 2015, Jerry said his sales increased by 450% – all with only one full-time employee and a handful of overseas virtual assistants hired when needed.

“It’s allowed me to scale, pure and simple,” said Jerry. “More importantly, it’s allowed me to scale efficiently and profitably. Efficiency equals profitability in this highly competitive, low margin business.”

More Than Just Amazon Inventory Management Software


Advanced Business Intelligence

Only Etail provides true end-to-end integration with your suppliers, Amazon and your other sales channels. That enables accurate data to flow through every area of your business. Get real-time visibility into orders, sales, costs and profit by channel, item, SKU, fulfillment method or supplier. Know where all your inventory is located. Accurately predict future demand for Amazon and across your multichannel selling platform. Accurate information increases sales and profits by reducing carrying costs while avoiding overselling.


Experience & Expertise

Etail offers the horsepower of a world-class ERP system, but one purpose-built for ecommerce – and at a fraction of the price of other highly scalable system. You are never alone. From day one, your named Implementation Manager and your Customer Relationship Manager work with you to ensure a smooth, risk-free transition.  Then your Customer Relationship Manager continues to support you.  Our customer support and technical specialists are evaluated on their responsiveness, knowledge of your business, and focus on helping you get results.

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It’s Not Software. It’s a System.

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