A Smooth Transaction

Whether it is 100% hands-off drop shipping, high-volume cross docking, or replenishment purchasing, Etail has the tools to streamline and/or automate your purchasing processes.

Ecommerce Transaction Automation Capabilities Include:

Purchase Orders

Etail’s ecommerce transaction automation enables merchants to drop ship or cross dock in a highly automated fashion. This includes mapping multiple suppliers per product, auto-generating purchase orders and pulling tracking information back from the supplier to publish to the originating sales channel.

Shipping Confirmations

As orders are downloaded and fulfilled, the sales channels are kept up to date with the appropriate acknowledgements and feeds, allowing marketplace customers to receive their tracking information without any extra work on your part.

Data Warehouse

Etail tracks all purchasing expenses related to individual purchase orders and associates them back to the originating sales order in the Etail Data Warehouse. This provides you with the ability to have real visibility of your profitability on each sales order. This includes product costs, shipping costs, and any misc. handling or drop ship fees that may be added by your supplier.

Full Financial Reconciliation

If you are using one of the integrated financial solutions, Etail can create all the appropriate purchase orders, purchase (inventory) receipts, and supplier invoices in your financial system which will allow you to accurately manage your accounts payable.

Supplier Compatibility

Etail’s ability to automate and/or streamline your purchasing process or your catalog integrations is dependent on your supplier’s ability to communicate electronically via EDI, flat files, or some sort of an API. Etail has flexible tools and can work with almost any electronic file format. Our biggest criteria for supplier automation, as we like to say, is “as long as there is not a human in the middle, we can do it!”