Dynamic Ecommerce Catalog Management

Dynamic ecommerce catalog management automates the connections between your system and your sources of data (suppliers or digital content providers) by doing all the heavy lifting, from mapping products, categories, and attribution, to maintaining current pricing and availability information.

Capabilities Include:

Availability Updates

If you are planning on cross docking or drop shipping, it is critical to know how much inventory you can sell reliably. Etail assists by scheduling availability updates with your suppliers and then applying business rules before updating all your sales channels according to your settings.

Not only can we handle supplier based availability, but we can also handle suppliers with multiple locations, and leverage that information to automated purchasing, or simply provide that visibility to your buyers to help them make informed decisions.

Product Creation

Etail can work with your suppliers to automate the management of your product catalog. If your supplier can provide you with a consistent catalog file, Etail is capable of creating scheduled tasks to automatically update your catalog with new content, add new products to your catalog, and manage the inactivation of products that are no longer available.

Pricing Updates

If you are in a fast-moving industry, prices may change rapidly. Etail can update the pricing of your products as often as is necessary, which can then also be used in your sales channel pricing routines.

Supplier Compatibility – Etail’s ability to automate and/or streamline your purchasing process of your catalog integrations is dependent on your supplier’s ability to communicate electronically via EDI, Flat Files, or some sort of an API. Etail has flexible tools and can work with almost any electronic file format. Our biggest criteria for supplier automation, as we like to say, is “as long as there is not a human in the middle, we can do it!”