Ecommerce Services for Amazon Sellers

Our Ecommerce Services for Online Sellers Include:

Catalog Cleanup & Setup

The Cornerstone for Future Scalability is a clean product catalog with a single master SKU per product using a base unit of measure. Scaling and automation is reliable only if your catalog has data integrity. We give you the tools to do it right!

Our Etail Team sets you up with:

  •  A clean catalog with a sales channel record for each sales listing on one or more channels
  • A supplier channel record for all product suppliers available

Sales Channel Integrations

Once your foundation is set, our Etail Team helps you connect your sales channels to your master catalog. Each listing is mapped back to the master SKU, including any necessary unit of measure conversions (a 6-pack listing ties back to 6 units of the master SKU).

Once connected, we manage the listings themselves:

  • Inventory publishing
  • Pricing/Competitive repricing
  • Order downloads
  • Tracking uploads to the sales channels.

 Etail has other tools available to take advantage of specific marketplace opportunities, depending on the sales channel (Multi-ASIN matching, Competitive Repricing on Amazon, etc.).

Order Management & Automation

Etail’s high-volume order fulfillment gives you the tools to fulfill orders from many channels through 1 streamlined interface – even you use different methods. We’ll help you set up any of the 4 Primary Fulfillment Methods:

  1.  Pick-Pack-Ship: conventional way to fulfill orders from inventory on your shelves
  2.  Drop Ship: creating & transmitting purchase orders to suppliers for ‘direct to customer’ delivery, then updating tracking information once shipped
  3.  Cross-Dock: aggregating orders each day, then submitting a daily bulk PO per supplier for products to be shipped to your warehouse – items are scanned then immediately shipped to the end customer
  4. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) / Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL): Merchants leveraging these can:
  • Track stock at these locations
  • Automatically update stock via FBA API
  • Reorder inventory for these locations
  • Prepare shipments/transfers between locations

Project Management, Training & Go-Live Support

Etail’s Ecommerce Services for Amazon Sellers & Multi Channel Retailers are designed to get you up and running quickly, so you can put the foundation for growth in place – and we are by your side every step of the way!

 An Etail consultant works with you to help you set up the tools to scale your multi-channel business. You’ll receive our time and expertise for:

  • Project management
  • User training
  • Support when you go live
  • Support in the weeks that follow (to ensure high-level productivity)

When your foundation is in place, the Etail Team of experienced implementers works with you to determine your next priority in terms of growth. Etail’s Ecommerce Services may then include

  • Implementing more functionality
  • Adding additional sales channels
  • Catalog automation
  • Supplier transaction automation for drop-shipping / cross-docking.

Etail provides these ecommerce services for Amazon Sellers and multichannel retailers through its own Etail Team. You can count on them to bring you decades of enterprise-class experience in project management, satisfying client expectations, and maintaining successful communications. Occasionally, we do work with an Etail authorized partner as well.