Other Marketplaces and Sales Channels

Expand Your Online Reach on Ecommerce Marketplaces

Etail supports 'one-off' sales channel integrations in addition to major global ecommerce marketplaces and engines.

Examples of 'One-Off' Implementation

  1. Full integration with Sears marketplace
  2. Flash sales sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and other 'deal-a-day' websites
  3. Industry specific websites where an Etail merchant may sell their products
  4. EDI integrations with major retailers
  5. Flat-file integrations with a large wholesale customer

Integrations usually include:

Workflow Driven Order Management

Etail’s Transaction Manager deals with orders in batches based on the next logical step in the fulfillment process. Etail easily handles the following four (4) fulfillment methods:

  1. Fulfilling orders from internal stock
  2. Drop-Ship Orders: leveraging supplier’s stock & ability to fill individual orders
  3. Cross-Dock Orders: ordering products on order receipt only, receiving the product into inventory, and immediately shipping the order.
  4. Fulfillment By Amazon or Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers: sending orders to another entity for fulfillment.

As orders are filled via various fulfillment models - tracking information is sent back to the originating sales channel.

Inventory & Pricing Management

Etail's multi-channel solution lets you manage one inventory database and publish to multiple sales channels and/or marketplaces using channel specific settings, filters, and data.

All sales channels are dynamically updated as your inventory levels change using these channel specific settings. This includes delisting inventory if it becomes unavailable due to sales on a different marketplace.

As stock is sold on one channel, other channels are updated based on availability and channel specific publishing filters - reducing errors, over-selling, and manual updating.

Finally, control your pricing across all sales channels from one central interface, including channel-relative pricing (e.g. make your website price equal to your Amazon price).