Sales Channels


Multi-Channel Integration

Etail sets the industry benchmark for multi-channel integration. Not only do we integrate to the following sales channels: 

Amazon (US) eBay (US) Wal-Mart Shopify
Amazon (CA) eBay Motors Target Magento
Amazon (UK) Rakuten CVS storefront
Amazon (DE) Sears K-Mart Microsoft Dynamics GP
Amazon (FR) NewEgg Wayfair 3D Cart
Amazon (IT) Overstock Shopko Groupon
Amazon (ES) Big Commerce Hayneedle Living Social

…but we also connect these channels to your suppliers so you can implement advanced order management methods like drop shipping and cross-docking.

SALES CHANNELS: Any entity that processes a transaction on your behalf

Etail’s multi-channel integration is not limited to major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, but includes several ecommerce platforms, flash-sale sites, and more.

Typically Amazon and eBay integrations include inventory management for one or more listings per SKU across Amazon, eBay, and your website, centralized inventory control, purchasing, pricing/repricing, and full order life-cycle management.

Multi channel integration - Amazon

Flat out – Etail’s Amazon integration is industry leading. We provide you with vast capabilities including:

  1. Multi-ASIN Matching: list one SKU on different listings across Amazon
  2. Competitive Repricing: adjusting prices based on competition; dynamically updating floor & ceiling values based on real cost updates elsewhere in the system
  3. Multiple Account Management: across multiple countries, or multiple accounts within the same country (permission from Amazon is recommended)
  4. Amazon Settlements Reconciliation: built in tools to reconcile the XML version of Amazon settlements with their financial systems – or – find out where you’re making or losing money by using our data warehouse
  5. Full Order Lifecycle Management: Etail automates or streamlines all fulfillment models, freeing up time to focus on growth – whether you’re shipping from stock, drop shipping, cross-docking, or using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), or a Third-Party Logistics provider.

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Multi channel integration - eBay

Etail’s integration to Ebay lets you create listings by publishing through a template – or – connect to existing listings through the API.

Once created/matched, Etail manages delisting/relisting, publishing updated quantities, and manages the full life-cycle of order fulfillment.

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Ecommerce Platforms

Multi channel integration - ecommerce platforms

Effectively managing products across all sales channels often includes your own website. Etail enables you to integrate your website – or launch a new website – on an integrated platform. Etail works with many popular shopping cart platforms:

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • storefront
  • 3D Cart

In addition to Amazon and eBay integration, you can add other integrations when needed.

Multi channel integration - ecommerce platforms

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Other Sales Channels Sites

Multi channel integration - Sears

Etail integrates with Sears Marketplace to list your products, then manages your listings, orders, pricing, and more. Etail manages this as another sales channel tied to your SKUs. All revenue and expenses are tracked separately in the financial system. 

Etail supports ‘one-off’ sales channel integrations, in addition to major global marketplaces and ecommerce engines. This includes flash sales sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Overstock. The Etail Vantage Platform (EVP) is a flexible platform capable of communicating with your B2B/alternate sales channels. Utilize these current options:

  1. EDI
  2. Flat-File Integrations (Delimited)
  3. API/XML Integrations
  4. Automated Website Interactions (the Etail platform interacting with another website to load and download files)

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