Integrated Repricing Software

Reprice When Costs and Competitors' Prices Change

Never guess whether you’re selling at a profit or a loss again. Profitably win the Buy Box by automatically lowering or raising prices for any number of SKUs across any number of channels when your competitors’ prices - or costs - change.


Raise or Lower Prices When Costs Go Up or Down

Reprice based on current, total costs - including fulfillment costs. Win the Buy Box while protecting margins.


Use Policies and
Strategies - Not

Reprice based on product type, competitor type, Buy Box ownership, inventory age, and more.


React Instantly
When Costs or Competitors’
Prices Change

Reprice your catalog with pinpoint accuracy as often as necessary - without having to lift a finger

Reprice Based on Current Costs, Protect and Grow Your Margins.

Amazon API
Real-Time Cost Visibility
Fulfillment Method Awareness
Amazon API

Detect when competitors’ prices change and reprice accordingly

Real-Time Cost Visibility

Detect when product, fulfillment, or sales costs change and reprice - up or down - instantly

Fulfillment Method Awareness

Your costs vary based on how you fulfill orders. Protect your margins regardless of fulfillment method used - drop ship, cross-dock, pick pack ship, FBA, or 3PL - on a per listing basis. Only Etail factors each supplier’s item fulfillment costs into the repricing decision.

Create A Pricing Strategy, Not Just Rules

Policy-Based Repricing
Strategy-Based Repricing
SKU Prioritization
Policy-Based Repricing

Leverage flexible policies with strategies that encompass all channels - not stand-alone rules that only apply to certain channels

Strategy-Based Repricing

Build policies around specific strategies: Buy Box Ownership, Private Label, Product Type, Competitor Type, and Liquidation

SKU Prioritization

Reprice new and high-velocity SKUs more often than low-velocity SKUs

Meet Marketplace and Supplier Requirements


MAP & UPP Pricing

Maintain healthy supplier relationships by
honoring MAP and UPP agreements.


Price Parity Control

Comply with marketplace price parity
requirements to avoid account suspension.

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