Price Protection


Protect Profit Margins

Protect margins and Buy Box position by repricing when your true costs – not just your competitors’ prices – change. Control costs at SKU level and dynamically reprice at listing level to match each competitive environment. Leverage multiple fulfillment methods. Reprice up to 600,000 times per hour. Drive pricing with policies and strategies – not stand-alone rules. 

Leverage Multiple Fulfillment Methods

Protect margins by calculating unique cost of each fulfillment method when repricing

Use Policies and Strategies – Not Stand-Alone Rules

Reprice based on product type, competitor type, Buy Box ownership, inventory age, and more

Detect When Costs or Competitors’ Prices Change

Free up time by not having to manually set or update your floor and ceiling values 

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Policy-Based Repricing
      Leverage flexible policies with strategies that encompass all channels – not stand-alone rules that only apply to certain channels
    • Strategy-Based Repricing
      Build policies around specific strategies: Buy Box Ownership, Private Label, Product Type, Competitor Type, and Liquidation
    • Real-Time Cost Visibility
      Detect when product, fulfillment, or sales costs change and reprice accordingly
    • Amazon Subscription API
      Detect when competitors’ prices change and reprice accordingly
    • Fulfillment Method Awareness
      Your costs vary based on how you fulfill orders. Protect your margins regardless of fulfillment method used – drop ship, cross-dock, pick pack ship, FBA, or 3PL – on a per listing basis
    • SKU Prioritization
      Reprice new and high-velocity SKUs more often than low-velocity SKUs
    • MAP & UPP Pricing
      Maintain healthy supplier relationships by honoring MAP and UPP agreements
    • Price Parity Control
      Comply with Amazon’s price parity requirements to avoid account suspension