Multi Channel Inventory Management Software

The Etail Vantage Platform [EVP] to increase sales, streamline fulfillment across all fulfillment models, manages listings across all your channels, and provides centralized inventory management software, all while concurrently reducing your operational costs .

See the primary solutions offered by the EVP below and learn more about why our merchants are growing so rapidly!

Primary Solutions

Sales Channels

Sales channels are any entity that processes a transaction on your behalf. This includes major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Sears, as well as several ecommerce platforms, flash-sale sites and more. Typically the integrations include Inventory management via our inventory management software for one or more listings per SKU across one or more channels, centralized inventory control, purchasing, pricing/repricing, and full order life-cycle management.

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Order Fulfillment 

Etail’s high-volume order management software provides online sellers with the tools to fulfill orders from many channels like Amazon, eBay and Sear through one streamlined interface, even if orders are fulfilled using different fulfillment methods. Etail supports the four primary fulfillment methods via our Inventory Management Software used by high-volume merchants:

  1. Pick-pack-ship – The conventional method of fulfilling orders from inventory on your shelves
  2. Drop shipping – creating and transmitting purchase orders for your supplier to send directly to the customer and then updating tracking information once shipped.
  3. Cross-docking – Aggregating orders throughout the day, then submitting a bulk PO per supplier to have the products shipped to your warehouse, where you will scan in the items to receive the stock, but immediately ship the items to the end customer.
  4. Fulfillment By Amazon [FBA]/Third-Party Logistics Providers [3PL] – Merchants leveraging Amazon’s FBA capabilities or a 3PL can track stock at those locations, automatically have stock updated via the Amazon FBA API, reorder inventory to stock at those locations, and prepare shipments and transfers between locations.

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Inventory Management Software

One of the most powerful features that EVP offers is it’s inventory management software, the one-to- many SKU relationships allows our platform to handle one item as different channel listings, which means that same item can be listed on different channels and if sales occur on one channel, the inventory will be updated automatically on rest of the channels. This functionality, combined with listing based Unit of Measure conversions, sales order management, and purchasing management, provides integrity in the inventory tracking.

All inventory in and out are tracked and the system maintains perpetual average cost, which is leveraged by the repricing engine.

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Supply Chain Management & Automation

The EVP provides supply chain management and automation capabilities for all suppliers, with the added capability of having “Integrated” and “Non-integrated” suppliers.

  1. Non-Integrated suppliers can be set up and tied to the items sold by those suppliers. The items and costs can be updated periodically through manual tools or file imports. This approach is best for low volume suppliers.
  2. Integrated suppliers can be set up to allows merchants to integrate with their suppliers over technologies such as EDI, Flatfile via FTP, or via an API for efficient inventory management. Once the EVP establishes the connection with a merchant’s suppliers, suppliers can then update Item, Price, and Availability on a scheduled basis. Additionally, the EVP can be set up to create Drop Ship or Cross-Dock purchase orders upon the sale of each item. For drop shippers especially, this can be 100% automated.

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Cross-channel automation

As one of our primary differentiators, Etail brings high amounts of automation and efficiencies to an online seller’s business processes. Because our Inventory Management Software deals with both the sales channels and the suppliers, our platform can automate processes that historically have been a needless waste of time for many merchants. Everything from updating repricing floor/ceiling values, to updating supplier inventory levels on sales channels, to updating inventory on all sales channels when an item is sold to providing 100% hands-off drop shipping automation.

Etail’s Transaction automation enables merchants to drop-ship, map multiple suppliers per product, and auto-generate purchase orders. Etail supports the electronic transmission and receipt of supplier product, catalog data, price updates, supplier availability, purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, and supplier invoices.

This translates into greater economies of scale for online sellers, allowing them to spend less time just keeping up with operations, and more time on growth related initiatives.

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Business Intelligence

Because the EVP is a transactional platform which integrates sales and supply channels, we have complete visibility to the real costs and revenue. Our Inventory management software includes Amazon settlement processors which pulls down the details of all Amazon transactions, their revenues and fees.

All sales transactions and their related purchasing transactions, shipping fees, product costs, etc. are pulled into the Etail data warehouse. The Etail data warehouse is a set of de-normalized tables created to provide efficient reporting. The data warehouse provides the data to our dashboard interface which allows users to create their own dashboards to slice and dice their data in whatever way they want, seeing profitability data from any number of different angles.

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Financial Integration 

EVP offers platform integration to MS Dynamics GP. Through this integration a multi-channel merchant can track all the revenues from different sales channels, purchasing transactions, allocate expenses and reconcile settlements from Amazon.

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