Multichannel Order Management

Don't Let Manual Order Processing Hold You Back

Orders are a good thing if you don’t have to manage them by hand. Only Etail provides touchless sales and purchase order automation. Collect any number of sales orders from any channel and use the lowest cost supplier and shipping method. Automatically create and send purchase orders to suppliers when sales orders are received.



Fully automate drop shipping and cross docking for hands-free operation


Data Integrity

Ensure data integrity, eliminate errors and drive operational efficiency with end-to-end integration


Efficient Shipping 

Optimize shipping for improved FBA and FBM fulfillment

Automate Multichannel Order Management with our Exclusive Tools

Multi Supplier Integrations
Multi-Method Order Fulfillment
Order Aggregation
Fully Automated Purchase Orders
Automated Channel Notifications
Multi Supplier Integrations

Streamline the ordering process by automating data exchanges with suppliers

Select the optimal supplier based on multiple criteria including cost, distance, quality and delivery time

Multi-Method Order Fulfillment

Automatically select the best fulfillment method - drop ship, cross-dock, pick pack ship, FBA and 3PL - for each line item

Order Aggregation

Aggregate any number of orders from any number of channels for efficient cross-docking

Etail routinely handles tens of thousands of orders across dozens of channels

Fully Automated Purchase Orders

Automatically create and issue POs to suppliers in their required file format after orders are received - not just when on-hand inventory is low

Create multiple purchase orders for different suppliers at once

Automated Channel Notifications

Auto-send shipping confirmation and tracking information to originating sales channels

Improve Shipping Efficiency
& Cost

Optimized Order Picking
Bar Code Support
High-Volume Shipping with Rate Shopping
Optimized Order Picking

Pick batches of orders by item and prepare multiple shipments at once

Evenly split batches between employees

Bar Code Support

Use bar code scanning to improve throughput and accuracy

High-Volume Shipping with Rate Shopping

Auto-compare shipping rates, select carriers and print labels for one or hundreds of shipments

Understand Your Business with Advanced Analytics

icon-financial-integration-webAdvanced Order Analytics

Review order, sales, cost and profit data by channel, item, SKU, fulfillment method or supplier.
Use our pre-built dashboards - or build your own with drag-and-drop simplicity.

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