Catalog & Multi Channel Listing Management

Sell More Products On More Listings

Do you have to create listings by hand, one at a time, on each marketplace? Only Etail offers exclusive tools to make this normally tedious and time-consuming process fast, easy, and fun. Sellers who want to drive massive growth by adding new channels, products, and listings - and then reprice to win - will hit the ground running and never look back.


Onboard New
Suppliers Quickly

Add supplier catalogs and
get listing coverage in weeks,
not months or years with
our exclusive Dynamic
Auto-Matching tool.


Protect Profit

Protect margins and Buy Box
position by repricing when your
true costs - not just your
competitors’ prices - change.


Update Listings Across Channels

Retrieve product data from suppliers, configure it, and publish to all sales channels in the format each channel requires.

Automate Multi Channel Listing Management

Multi-Supplier Integrations
Automated Content Management
Item Variation Support
Supplier-Driven Listing Updates
Dynamic Inventory Allocation
Multi-Supplier Integrations

Simplify listing management by fully automating data exchanges with suppliers

Automated Content Management

Streamline listing management by controlling inventory at the master SKU level and product data at listing level

Publish and update multiple product counts, kits and bundles to channels while maintaining inventory accuracy

Item Variation Support

Offer almost unlimited product variations such as color and size while publishing them to a single landing page or listing

Supplier-Driven Listing Updates

Automatically retrieve supplier price and availability feeds hourly, daily, or weekly and instantly update listings across channels

Dynamic Inventory Allocation

Control available inventory on each channel and automatically delist when items become unavailable

Automatically relist when inventory is replenished

Exclusive, Real-Time Cost-Based Repricing


Integrated Dynamic Repricing

Retrieve supplier feeds hourly, daily, or weekly and automatically update prices across all channels. Include supplier fulfillment costs in pricing decisions. Upper and lower price limits are readjusted automatically when costs change. Remain competitive while protecting margins.

Leverage Powerful Tools to Grow Your Business

Channel Expansion
Supplier Profitability Analysis
Automated Catalog Integration
Dynamic Auto Matching
Channel Expansion

Grow and diversify by adding new sales channels.

Maximize visibility by operating multiple seller accounts in the same or different countries.

Etail’s comprehensive list of integrations allows you to be everywhere customers buy.

Supplier Profitability Analysis

Analyze potential suppliers’ catalogs by automatically comparing their catalog listings to current Amazon Buy Box prices and conducting a profitability analysis.

Determine catalog profitability before approaching suppliers and use the results in negotiating pricing.

Automated Catalog Integration

Import product catalogs from suppliers into a centralized master catalog and publish channel specific product data.

Automatically create accurate, fully attributed listings across all channels.

Dynamic Auto Matching

Automatically match large numbers of supplier UPCs to high-quality Amazon listings.

Automatically ignore, list, flag for review, or publish limited quantities until new listing is manually verified.

Create thousands of high quality listings in days, not weeks or months.

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