Inventory Management


Update Inventory Automatically

Etail’s multi-channel inventory management gives you the ability to handle a one-to-many SKU relationship all while allowing our platform to handle one item across many different channel listings, updating inventory on all listings whenever it changes.

This functionality, combined with listing based unit of measure conversions, sales order management, and purchasing management, provides integrity in the inventory tracking.

All inventory in and out are tracked and the system maintains perpetual average cost, which is leveraged by the repricing engine.

Inventory control enables merchants to manage their inventory and publish to multiple sales channels/marketplaces using channel specific settings, filters, and data. All marketplaces can be dynamically updated as inventory levels change using these specific settings, including delisting of inventory if it becomes unavailable due to sales occurring on a different marketplace.

Features Include:

  1. Dynamic stock publishing/delisting
  2. Channel specific attribution and data management
  3. Supplier based inventory
  4. Category and item type validation
  5. Cross-channel copy
  6. Multi-location management
  7. Inventory replenishment
  8. Full inventory visibility across all available locations, suppliers and channels

The Results:

Increased Sales

Increase sales by expanding your product catalog through automated supplier item feeds. Publish and delist products based upon their current inventory levels.

Increased Efficiency

As stock is sold on one channel, the other channels are updated based upon the availability and channel specific publishing filters, reducing errors, over-selling, and manual updating.

Better Tracking

Reduce errors and save time by tracking inventory in all of your locations. You can even create separate warehouses to manage channel specific inventory if needed.