ERP Solutions for Amazon, eBay and Multi-channel retailers

Track Your Business Growth

Whether you are processing thousands of transactions per day, or just a few dozen, Etail was built from the ground-up to provide ERP integration for Amazon, eBay and multi-channel retailers and offers a very robust and proven integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  

Etail provides you with insight on the profitability of your multi-channel transactions with our data warehouse. However, for overall financials we’ve found our target audience prefers a deeper integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Our main integration platform is Microsoft Dynamics GP – a proven financial platform that helps businesses gain greater control over their financials, better manage their inventory and operations, and make informed decisions that help drive business success. It’s quick to implement and easy to use, with the power to support your growth ambition. Call us or schedule a consultation to learn more!

Microsoft Dynamics