Data Centralization


Manage All Your Data In One Place

Rely less on intuition and more on accurate, centralized data. Gain a competitive advantage by collecting and leveraging real-time sales and supplier data. Make the best inventory management, repricing, and fulfillment decisions possible. Ensure data integrity and drive operational efficiency and profitability with end-to-end integration. Have complete visibility into how your SKUs, sales channels, suppliers, and the organization as a whole have been – and will be – performing financially.

Accurately Predict Future Demand 

Prevent surpluses and shortages with SKU aggregation and sales history analysis

Detect When Costs or Competitors’ Prices Change

Protect margins by repricing when true costs – not just competitors’ prices – change

Leverage Optimal Fulfillment Method

Grow your bottom line by always making the best fulfillment decisions possible

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  • Features & Benefits

    • Multi-Channel Sales History Analysis
      Identify high-velocity SKUs by channel and make informed purchasing and inventory allocation decisions
    • Demand Forecasting
      Accurately predict future demand by aggregating SKUs across channels and analyzing sales history
    • Multi-Method Order Fulfillment
      Automatically select the best fulfillment method – drop ship, cross-dock, pick pack ship, FBA, 3PL – for each line item
    • Real-Time Cost Visibility
      Detect when product, fulfillment, or sales costs change and reprice accordingly
    • Optimal Sourcing
      Select optimal supplier based on multiple criteria including cost, distance, quality, and delivery time
    • Purchase Planning
      View purchasing recommendations based on sales history, seasonality, and custom demand profiles
    • Dynamic Inventory Allocation
      Control available inventory on each channel and delist when items become unavailable
    • End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility
      See on-hand and in-transit inventory at the SKU level at any location