Reduce Cross-Docking Complexity

Only Etail provides tools to easily manage cross-dock purchasing, receiving, and shipping for online marketplaces. Aggregate large numbers of orders from dozens of channels. Automatically select optimal suppliers based on cost, distance, quality, and delivery time. Create multiple purchase orders for different suppliers at once to maximize efficiency and productivity. 

Automate Data Exchanges With Suppliers

End inefficient and error-prone processes that take time away from growth

Aggregate Orders From All Channels

Scale operations with a single source of truth for all order-related tasks

Source Smarter in Complex Supply Networks

Grow your bottom line by always making the best sourcing decisions possible

  • Features & Benefits

    • Multi-Supplier Integration
      Streamline the purchasing process by automating data exchanges with suppliers
    • Inventory Management
      Prevent stockouts and overstocks by updating available inventory across all channels as you buy and sell
    • Automated Price & Availability Import
      Retrieve supplier feeds hourly, daily, or weekly and update prices and availability across all channels
    • Dynamic Inventory Allocation
      Control available inventory on each channel and delist when items become unavailable
    • Bulk PO Creation
      Create multiple purchase orders for different suppliers at once
    • Automated Shipping Notifications
      Auto-send shipping confirmation and tracking information to originating sales channel
    • PO Automation
      Create and issue PO’s to suppliers in required file format after orders are received
    • Optimal Sourcing
      Select optimal supplier based on multiple criteria including cost, distance, quality, and delivery time