Case Studies


Tuff Supplies: Automating Category Expansion Fuels Growth

How a retailer of safety equipment and workplace gear went from $70k/mo. to $500k/mo. in one year by adding channels and entering new product categories



Olivabel: Driving Growth Through End-to-End Automation

From a handful of SKUs to a hands-free drop shipping empire, how one electronics retailer grew sales from under $500k/yr. to over $5M/yr. in 5 years



Western Outlets: Mastering FBA With Automation & Data Integrity

From selling 5-6 SKUs on Amazon to over 14,000 on three additional channels, how one western wear retailer increased sales 450% since 2015



Driving Sales by Quadrupling Amazon Listings in 4 Months

How an established bookseller grew his non-book business from $0 to $250k/mo. in 4 months by adding suppliers and automating listing creation



Partnering for Innovation and Massive Growth

From a 10×10 garage to a 30,000 square foot distribution center, how one home improvement retailer leveraged a strategic partnership to become a top Amazon seller

Integrated Repricing: Win the Buy Box While Protecting Margins

How top Amazon sellers are instantly lowering or raising prices for 9M+ SKUs while meeting target margins based on competitive activity plus changes in product, fulfillment or sales costs



Dynamic Auto Matching: Dominating Amazon Listings with Automation

How top Amazon sellers are driving growth by adding supplier catalogs – and tens of thousands quality new listings – in weeks, not months or years



Inventory Management: Automation for Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Growth

How top Amazon sellers avoid losing sales in stockouts and tying up capital in overstocks with Etail’s unique single master item SKU architecture More than a 3PL. Creating Business Partnerships

How one 3PL is helping more than 700 brands and 1,000 suppliers grow online sales with marketplace integrations, listing management, and more



Eudoxus: Doubling FBA Business With Multi-Channel Expansion

How one cosmetics retailer went from being unable to manage inventory and shipping to doubling sales to $1M+ in 2016 while cutting costs