Case Studies

Top Online Seller: Partnering for Innovation and Massive Growth

From a 10×10 garage to a 30,000 square foot distribution center, how one home improvement retailer leveraged a strategic partnership to become a top Amazon seller



Olivabel: Driving Growth Through End-to-End Automation

From a handful of SKUs to a hands-free drop shipping empire, how one electronics retailer grew sales from under $500k/yr. to over $5M/yr. in 5 years



Western Outlets: Mastering FBA With Automation & Data Integrity

From selling 5-6 SKUs on Amazon to over 14,000 on three additional channels, how one western wear retailer increased sales 450% since 2015



Driving Sales by Quadrupling Amazon Listings in 4 Months

How an established bookseller grew his non-book business from $0 to $250k/mo. in 4 months by adding suppliers and automating listing creation



Online Auto Parts Retailer: Growing the Storefront With Drop Shipping 

How a retailer of high performance auto parts doubled their product line to 40,000 active SKUs in one year by adding new suppliers and listings 



AndreasInc: Looking for a New Platform, He Found a Partner 

How a musical instruments drop shipper offset seasonal slowdowns and increased monthly sales 355% in six months  

Integrated Repricing: Win the Buy Box While Protecting Margins

How top Amazon sellers are automating price changes for millions of SKUs while meeting target margins based on competitive activity plus changes in product, fulfillment or sales costs



Dynamic Auto Matching: Dominating Amazon Listings with Automation

How top Amazon sellers are driving growth by adding supplier catalogs – and tens of thousands new listings – in weeks, not months or years



Inventory Management: Automation for Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Growth

How top Amazon sellers avoid losing sales in stockouts and tying up capital in overstocks with Etail’s unique single item master SKU architecture More than a 3PL. Creating Business Partnerships

How one 3PL is helping more than 700 brands and 1,000 suppliers grow online sales with marketplace integrations, listing management, and more



Eudoxus: Doubling FBA Business With Multi-Channel Expansion

How one cosmetics retailer went from being unable to manage inventory and shipping to doubling sales to $1M+ in 2016 while cutting costs



National Brands Liquidation: Multiple Channels, Multiple Listings, Massive Growth

How a liquidation retailer streamlined operations, cut order fulfillment time from 4 days to 4 hours, and increased sales 3X



Single Item Master SKU: Etail’s Building Block for Ecommerce Automation

How top Amazon sellers are automating complex inventory, pricing, and purchasing decisions with Etail’s unique single item master SKU architecture