Business Intelligence


Multi-Channel Business Intelligence

Maximizing profit means you have to know where you are making, and losing money. With Etail’s platform, you will have insight into your business you’ve only dreamed about until now!

Etail manages all aspects of order fulfillment, supply chain, and inventory, which means we capture all revenues and expenses related to each transaction. Then, we provide powerful and customizable dashboard controls for you to create and save your own dashboards. That’s multi-channel business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Capabilities:

Capturing of All Revenues & Expenses

Etail is able to provide industry leading business intelligence due to the fact that Etail is a transactional platform, not just a publishing platform. This means that we track all revenues and expenses related to a transaction, for all transaction types, and they are all tied back to the originating order. This essentially means that we are able to take a look at every sales transaction and see all related transactions (think drop ship purchase orders, shipping costs, handling fees, etc.). Then, with the dashboard tools, you can analyze profitability from any number of angles. Which brings us to our next point…

Default Dashboard Views

To give you an idea of what is possible, Etail has designed and deployed a number of default views which you can have access to as a part of your environment. These include:

  1. Profit Drilldown by Date, Order, SKU, Sales SKU
  2. Item Trend Drilldown by Manufacturer
  3. Supplier Profitability Drilldown
  4. Sales Channel Pie-Chart Drilldown
  5. Daily Summary Financials

…and more!

Dashboard Designer

With the Dashboard Designer you can leverage the following types of tools for bringing your data to life:

  1. Pivot Grids
  2. Standard Grids
  3. Bar and Pie Charts
  4. Gauges & “Master Cards” (displays calculated metrics)
  5. Images, Text boxes, and Range Filters

Create and Save Your Own Dashboards

Lastly, all of the views and dashboards you create can be saved as a menu item to view at any time going forward. You can also import dashboards created by Etail or others, and export a dashboard to share with someone else or just to save a backup of your view.