Ecommerce Success Story


Product Niche: Mixed | Etail Customer Since 2013

Chris Unangst of Florida rolled out his company Olivabel after Hurricane Katrina demolished the local real estate market. Establishing an account on, Chris listed and drop shipped products from suppliers to customers. At the end of year 1, the business had grown into a full-time job and he was successfully supporting his family. Chris was selling hundreds of products!

The Challenge

Before long, however, Chris was struggling to manually manage and track around 50 orders a day. He realized that in order to grow, he needed to effectively and efficiently manage the chaos – otherwise he’d continue to struggle with daily paperwork and wouldn’t be able to focus on growth-related initiatives. Then, Chris discovered Etail Solutions.

The Solution

With Etail’s assistance, Chris integrated his supplier’s catalog into Etail’s platform. Then by leveraging Etail’s automated drop shipping and tracking with his supplier, Chris no longer had to touch every order – just the exceptions. Etail automated the entire drop ship order process allowing Chris to focus on growing Olivabel.

The Results

In the first 18 months Olivabel has been on the Etail Solutions platform, Chris has:

  • Implemented Etail’s powerful repricing capabilities
  • Added multiple listings per SKU on Amazon
  • Incorporated 4 additional fully-integrated suppliers
  • Expanded his sales to and eBay

Most importantly, Olivabel seamlessly scaled to drop shipping over 350 orders per day over the holidays – and is now consistently drop shipping in excess of 125 orders per day in the off-season! Thanks to Etail Solutions, Chris’ business has grown by more than 410% in the first 18 months Olivabel has been on the Etail Solutions platform. 

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