Full Amazon Integration

Etail's Amazon integration is industry leading. No other company deals with all three legs of a multi-channel merchant's business. Sales Channels, Supply Chain Automation, and Financials with inventory control. We go deeper into solving volume related issues for merchants than any other provider, especially with Amazon.

Amazon Integrations Include:

Inventory Management for Amazon

Etail provides the tools to be able to sell your product across multiple ASINs, this allows you to manage a single SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for inventory purposes, but re-price competitively on an individual basis (since each ASIN has its won set of competitors), and manage all content for each ASIN individually.

Amazon Shipping Overrides

Shipping Overrides can only be facilitated through a feed to Amazon. By leveraging shipping overrides, you can give yourself a competitive edge by offering free shipping on certain products or protecting yourself against bad weights posted on Amazon by other merchants.

The system allows you to enter many shipping overrides by destination, service levels, and options. Additionally, you can set the price, and your cost to be included in the Etail Competitive Repricing Engine.

FBA Management (Fulfillment By Amazon)

Etail supports FBA for Amazon merchants. By setting up another warehouse in your system, Etail provides you with the ability to hold Amazon accountable for your FBA inventory. This approach also allows you to track the value of your inventory for insurance and balance sheet purposes.

Additionally, Etail automates the processing of FBA orders by automatically applying shipment data to the order and transferring it to an invoice, requiring no interaction on your part.

Competitive Re-Pricing

Etail's repricing engine provides merchants with unprecedented power and flexibility. Merchants can certainly reprice against Amazon merchants using the basic functionality that many other repricers can offer, but they can gain a competitive edge with Etail's dynamic repricing capabilities.

Amazon Order Fulfillment

Etail's Transaction Manager was designed to deal with orders in batches based upon the next logical step in the fulfillment process. Etail handles the following 4 fulfillment methods with ease:

  • Cross-Dock
  • Dropshipping
  • Stocking Distribution
  • FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)