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With Seller Central it can be hard to tell what, when and how much to reorder. Plus, Amazon's Inventory Loader can match items to the wrong listings. When you’re ready for more control and flexibility over your FBA business, you’re ready for Etail. Always have the right amount of inventory, in the right places, at the right time. And if you decide to expand beyond FBA, our platform has the tools you need to add any other fulfillment method you want.


Powerful Tools To Optimize Your Amazon FBA Business

Drive growth by keeping your best-selling items in stock. Not carrying enough high-demand stock costs you sales. Carrying too much low-demand stock ties up capital. With Amazon FBA software, keep FBA supplied with the right inventory and improve your gross margin return on investment.

Automate FBA Replenishment
Manage Restricted Items
Simplify Inventory Management
Control Catalog & Listings
Automate FBA Replenishment

Multi-Supplier Integration

Streamline the replenishment process by automating data exchanges with suppliers.

Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage multiple Amazon accounts from a single platform (with Amazon’s permission).

Advanced Sales Analytics

Analyze the sales velocity of products across Amazon FBA and other channels.

Intelligent Purchase Planning

View intelligent purchase planning recommendations based on sales history, seasonality, and planning profiles. Prioritize purchasing decisions based on profitability and demand.

Streamlined PO Generation

Generate purchase orders and see estimated profit directly from a streamlined purchase-planning dashboard.

Inventory Investment Optimization

Turn inventory faster. With our Amazon FBA Software you can identify and liquidate slow moving inventory to invest in your best-selling items. Implement purchase plans designed to optimize inventory and maximize gross margin return on investment (GMROI).

Manage Restricted Items

Smart Channel Restriction

Restrict items on Amazon but allow on other marketplaces where they are allowed. Or fully restrict an item so it can’t be published or sold anywhere.

Restricted Ingredients Identification

Search for ingredients in your listings known to be restricted on Amazon and use our restricted products functionality to restrict the products containing them.

Advanced Listing Control

Block item matching on restricted items to avoid matching to an item that Amazon does not allow with our Amazon FBA software.

Automatic Hold

Place new orders on hold if the sales listing has never been sold before. This allows you to double-check the order and confirm prior to releasing fulfillment.

Simplify Inventory Management

Advanced Item Management

Avoid duplicate SKUs by controlling inventory, within Etail's Amazon FBA software, at the master SKU level and product data at the listing level.

Expanded Product Offerings

Create kits and bundles from existing SKUs while tracking and reordering with complete inventory accuracy.

Complete Inventory Visibility

See inventory sold and remaining at the SKU level at FBA or other channels, in transit, and at the supplier.

ROI Improvement Analytics

Identify slow and fast moving items. Create purchasing plans to reduce on-hand inventory without risk of out-of-stocks. Maximize inventory turns and improve inventory ROI.

Duel Fulfillment Option

If Amazon FBA temporarily sells out, switch fulfillment to FBM while you send FBA restocking order.

FBA Inbound Shipment Preparation

Comply with Amazon’s FBA inventory handling requirements by providing box contents and printing FNSKU labels

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Control Catalog & Listings

Supplier Catalog Integration

Import supplier catalogs into the centralized product catalog and publish channel-specific, properly formatted product data. Etail's Amazon FBA software saves you time while ensuring your listings meet Amazon requirements.

Automatic Updates

Automatically retrieve supplier price and availability feeds hourly, daily, or weekly and instantly update listings across channels.

Dynamic Listing Management

Control available inventory on each channel and automatically delist when items become unavailable. Automatically relist when inventory is replenished.

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Exclusive Tools To Grow Your Amazon FBA Business

When you’re ready to take your FBA business to the next level, Etail has the industry’s most advanced Amazon FBA software. Plus, when you’re ready to grow your business beyond FBA, you can easily expand to other channels and fulfillment methods from the Etail platform.


Integrated Dynamic Repricing

Retrieve supplier feeds and automatically update prices across all channels. Include supplier fulfillment costs in pricing decisions. Remain competitive while protecting margins. Comply with Amazon’s price parity requirements to avoid account suspension.


Channel Expansion

Grow and diversify beyond FBA by adding new sales channels. Maximize visibility by operating multiple seller accounts in the same or different countries. Etail’s comprehensive list of integrations allows you to be everywhere customers buy.


Dynamic Auto Matching

Our Amazon FBA software allows you to automatically match large numbers of supplier UPCs, ASINs or part numbers to high-quality Amazon listings. Create thousands of new listings in days, not weeks or months.


Supplier Profitability Analysis

Analyze potential suppliers’ catalogs by automatically comparing their catalog listings to current Amazon Buy Box prices. Determine catalog profitability before approaching suppliers and use the results in negotiating pricing. All from one centralized Amazon FBA software.

More Than Just Amazon FBA Software
Advanced Analytics + Experienced Partner


Advanced Business Intelligence

Get the information you need to understand and grow your business outside of your Amazon FBA software. Have order, sales, cost, inventory and profit data by channel, item, SKU, fulfillment method or supplier at your fingertips. Powerful tools help you accurately predict demand and make purchasing recommendations based on sales history, seasonality, and custom demand profiles.


Experience & Expertise

Work with our experienced Customer Success team to get the most out of Etail's Amazon FBA software. Take a strategic approach to building your business based on our decades of combined experience working with leading internet retailers. Leverage our customized and flexible services to analyze and solve specific business issues.

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